Mobile APPs
   ... be competitive ... be smart!
Your consumer's smart phone is the best social
referral tool you have to grow your business!

As more of your competitors go mobile, building a mobile-friendly APP becomes even more of a priority for your business. Over the past year, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. Customers are searching for your business from their mobile phones, and you need to engage them with a mobile experience designed for completing on-the-go tasks.

Just as important, your mobile site needs to attract and compel visitors to recommend your mobile site to others. Recently many businesses have been asking us about emerging trends. We can't think of a more important one than setting up your mobile website, with a mobile coupon or promotion and a mobile QR code.

While we believe that building a separate mobile website is an appropriate solution for certain businesses, it’s also important to understand how responsive design might fit into your plans to go mobile.

Having an effective company website is obviously important for your marketing efforts. Many industry experts believe that owning a mobile website is now even more important. What exactly is a mobile site? Just because you can view your site on a cell phone does not mean it is a mobile website. Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind. They can help your business connect with customers and increase sales.

When someone accesses your site from a cell phone, instead of bringing up your normal website, it switches over to a mobile-friendly version. But we go one step further. We actual design a completely different site that is designed to drive traffic to your site by adding popular features. In other words if you're a realtor, or a skilled trade person, or a having a dining establishment for example; of course we'll bring your products and services to life the mobile way, but doing just that won't get your site referred too often.

Our proven approach is simple.

We load up your mobile APP site with rich content and links to a collection of some of the best of youtube that get people talking and referring over and over again. We make the videos the main feature of your site, not your primary business. As a result, your visitation increases and every time someone visits your site .... because they feel compelled to share your site with others and when they do they will always see your business ad first. Then referrals keep coming and then come the sales.

We’ve designed your site to stimulate social referrals across your community because it’s also loaded up with other attraction features that further compells visitors to share with friends, family and co-workers. Your mobile site will be readable on all smart phone devices. 


Our proven approach is simple and here’s why it works.

In essence, most referral visitation will be for the purpose of viewing the videos and in the process they learn about you. This brands your name, gets you recognized, sets you apart from the competition and brings your business to life!

Then, as more and more people come to know your spectacular and humours collection of you tube videos, they come to know and you and learn more about your business ... recommending you to others for your business services. Remember, it’s not so much who you know, but more … who knows you that counts.

We make sure potential clients know exactly what to do to get a hold of you. We use mobile readable font thats easy to read and easy to navigate. No side scrolling up and down madness! And, just like with your main website, don’t forget SEO “keywords” so that Google and other search engines know how to rank the site for a mobile search. Google recognizes when a site is mobile, so creating a mobile site may improve your search rankings.

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