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Terms & Conditions


Your Company ( hereinafter referred to as the "Company") ---- and -----

Our Development Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Developer")


1/ "Company" agrees to obtain and "Developer" agrees to license the Company for use and customization of a mobile template created by the Developer for one year with first rights for annual renewal privileges, subject to a maximum 7% increase per annum, but with no renewal obligations of any kind.

Package Includes:

Customization, design, template licensing, hosting, setup and live launch. 

3/ The Company agrees to pay $365 for a Mobile Site Platform or $575 for a Stand Alone Mobile site.

Prices include: Developement and customization, customization, template license and launch / setup fees.

may terminate its license and mobile site without penalty or refund at it's sole discretion with 48 hours notice communicated by email to Developer. Company may select a stand-alone mobile site, or choice of three mobile site addresses:

If choosing a stand-alone mobile site,

you are required to create and register your own domain name. Developer can assist Company in this selection and registration process.

If the Company were named for example, a stand-alone mobile version could be appropriately named:, or

5/ The "Company" hereby agrees to deliver complete creative content that being a logo, graphic art or image to Developer which complies with Developer's online ad formats for such content, and / or hereby authorizes the Developer to use Company's website or any online ad posting to copy the Company's logo, graphic art or image for mobile site customization.

6/ The "Company" agrees to deliver complete creative "coupon promotion" content to Developer which complies with Developer online coupon formats.

Example: 10% OFF all products and services

7/ To cancel or alter any site information, the Company should allow the Developer up to 72 hours to make such changes.


8/ The Company will receive one
free 20 minute change to its mobile site per annum. The Company will be charged $55 per hour for any changes made to Company's images, pages, or coupon commencing the Company's second requested change.
9/ If a Company site is linked to another site the Developer shall maintain the link.
The Developer shall solely maintain, edit, add or delete content of the "best of youtube" and "news sources" and "resources".

Developer may remove any mobile site which is linked to objectionable sites or pages, that is in Developer's opinion, defamatory or objectionable or will bring Developer into disrepute.
In addition, the Company agrees not to send any unsolicited emails (spam) making reference to the site in compliance with the new Anti-Spam law of Canada (Bill C-28) that comes into effect July 1st, 2014. If complaints are proven to be of breach of such condition, the Developer reserves the right to remove the Company's mobile site.

11/ The Company will indemnify Developer from and against any claims or liability arising from any ad(s) or pages or links contained in a mobile site.
12/ Mobile sites may not contain tags, cookies, beacons or similar technology which identifies users of any Developer's site or enables the Company or any third party to serve such users with any other site other than the Company's site.

13/ The Company's sole remedy if Developer or its third party subcontractors developers and designers who may host and serve Company from time to time make an error in displaying any pages, images, content or links, is the cost of renewing the template license. Neither Developer nor its subcontractors shall be liable for failure to display the Company mobile site caused by circumstances outside of their control but shall do everything in its power to correct the problem expeditiously.

14/ Company's mobile site shall be activated live on the internet

within 5 business days from the day Developer receives the content and images from the Developer.

15/ The Developer will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, infringing, misleading or offensive to its readers.

16/ All content is subject to approval. Rates will NOT change during the ad term, subject only to a 7% renewal increase at the end of the one year term. Any renewal is at the sole discretion of the Company.

17/ The Developer shall create and insert a customized QR Code on the Company's Coupon or Promotional page that will be directed to Company's mobile site.

18/ The Developer understands, that Company may request significant design changes to pages that have already been built to the Company's specification once. To that end, please note that our agreement does not include a provision for "significant page modification" or creation of additional pages in excess of our agreed page maximum.

If significant page modification is requested after a page or site has been customized to the Client's specification, we must count it as additional work.

If significant page modification is requested by the Company after the page maximum has been reached the charge will be $75.00 per hour. A quote will be provided first before any additional work is started. Minor changes, however, will always be covered during our development of the site. Again, we strive to accommodate the needs of each Client and we maintain a liberal redesign policy. Please understand we can not however, provide major redevelopment services in excess of the page maximum contemplated by this agreement without charging for our additional page(s) or work.


Remuneration Bonus for Advertiser

For each business the Company refers to the Developer that results in an new mobile site development, Company shall receive an additional six months of continued service.

Our way of saying thanks for the referral!

NOTE: This REFERRAL PLAN will help to grow the business network, by increasing site visitation. We do everything for you from start to finish. This represents a good way to optimize your exposure.


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