A Mobile friendly Coupon  and Mobile Portal
for your business ... built into ONE smart phone
platform designed to get your business referred
over and over again. 
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It's difficult to find
just one person without a Smart
Phone in hand.


If you're in business you need to get Mobilized today!

Stay Competitive!

... a day!

Don't ignore customers with mobile phones
... get recognized ... get branded ... get your business mobilized today! Smart Phones usage has now
supassed computers and TV's.
The number ONE method consumers gather
business information and product savings.


Look Smart
Be Smart
Sell Smart



  • Increased traffic
  • Have immediate impact
  • Save time and money
  • Reach wider market
  • Text or emailed to friends
  • Scanned directly to phone
  • Can be redeemed on location
  • Can better track redemption
  • Making it easier for consumers
  • It's cutting edge, state of the art
  • Get ahead of the competition

    All these benefits and rewards and more ... down from $1 a day to only 72 cents a day using your promo code

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Extend your company's reach.


We do everything for you from start to launch! We create and design your Social Referral Coupon site and bring it to life in the digital world ... made readable on all smart phones and tablets. All you need to do is direct people to your new mobile site and they'll tell others, and so the social media snowball grows and grows.

Other than the value of your mobile coupon, what is the other appeal factor that will compel visitors to recommend your site to others in their circle?

The answer: spectacular YouTube videos. With YouTube and owner authorization, we have compiled a collection of some of the most popular "must see" videos for insert on your mobile website. (YouTube videos are the most valuable social media tools on the net to draw people to your site.

Videos on your mobile site that just keeps on bringing more and more people to your business. Isn't that the ideal situation for every business ... to drive in visitation?  
After viewing our collection of some the best youtube videos, we're confident you will also feel compelled to recommend the viewing of one or more videos to some people you know and if you do, that should be proof positive that others will too... and when they do they always see your business message first!

We hope you recognize the benefits and rewards. Get mobilized today!


If consumers see your marketing skills
... it shows consumers you know your business.

Thats counts with consumers and rewards
you with social referrals





Mobile Websites

Isn't it true that where ever you look people are busy using their mobile device?

This huge trend in smart phone sales is
growing daily and exponentially and shows how consumers are changing their way of getting business info.

Most people will go all day with their cell phone either in their hand or only an arm reach away at most. It’s important for a marketer to understand that the smart phone has almost become an extension
of a person’s self. A mobile website

is a valuable marketing tool for all businesses.

Businesses need to stay competitive in
the digital world. If you don't have a mobile coupon website or mobile promo site offering incentives ... you're losing business!

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Mobile Coupon

How many companies can say their advertising is converting at four times the speed of their online marketing campaigns.

Our Mobile coupon system gives you and customers a reliable mobile platform with greater speed and flexibility in utilizing text and email for referring friends.

If you're using coupon incentives ... a Mobile Coupon is the way to go! It's about simplifying the redemption process. Mobile coupons use a simple QR code, which provides all the information they need directly from your website.

You can now offer a variety of sharing sms text messaging options including email. Plus easily integrate into social media, which may be the hot channel everyone’s looking to for customer referrals.


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Mobile QR code

If you’re not yet familiar with Quick Response codes (QR codes) you soon will be, because they’re expected to achieve widespread use by the public this year – and for good reason.

Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant and QR codes are designed to do just that.

With use of a smart phone, consumers will be able to get quick access to sites while they’re out and about or walking by your store! If you own a business, now is the time to get your QR Code. 

When someone scans or reads your customized QR code from your store window, business card, vehicle etc, with their iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled smart phone, they’ll instantly connect to your mobile website.


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SAVE $70 using your Promo Code ...

The Mobile Site, Mobile App, Mobile Coupon and Mobile QR is all inclusive
built into one platform ... now reduced from $365, to only $295.

That's only 81 cents a day!

ncludes FREE hosting, development, customization and setup

SALE ends July 15, 2017.

What you should know about Mobile Coupons and Consumer Behavior




      Research shows ...


      How Mobile Devices Have Changed Consumer Behavior

  1. 50% use their smart phone to look up businesses, products/services, restaurants/bars, and 29% to research or book travel.
  2. What do users want to do with their smart phones? To be entertained (88%), Communicate (86%), and Stay informed (57%).
  3. The average Canadian has 25 apps installed on their phone (6 of those are paid apps) and has used 9 apps in the last 30 days.
  4. 76% watch YouTube video on their device.
  5. 74% use their mobile device to visit social networks; 81% visit at least once a day.
  6. While using their smart phone, Canadians are also watching TV (53%), listening to music (44%), using the internet (36%), reading newspapers or magazines (18%) or playing video games (15%).

      Smartphones and Local Business

  1. Local is hot: 87% of respondents had used their smartphone to look for local information and 89% of those had taken action as a result. Of those, 72% visited the business, 69% connected with the business, and 36% made a purchase.
  2. 49% look for local information weekly while 17% do so daily.

    Mobile Coupons represent the most cutting edge way to send exclusive coupons, discounts and special offers directly to your client’s cell phones! Your clients now rush to your business and simply show their cell phones to redeem their coupons.

     Research shows ...

     Mobile Search and Commerce

  1. 43% of consumers seeking product information are searching from home, 31% while on the go, and 25% while they are in-store.
  2. The majority (69%) of respondents had searched for product information from their mobile device.
  3. 23% intentionally carry their smartphone while shopping so they can comparison shop. 15% said they had changed their mind about purchasing in-store based on information found online while shopping.
  4. Mobile contributes to cross-channel purchasing: 30% researched a product online, then bought in-store, while 26% then purchased online via their computer.
  5. 20% of Canadian smart phone users have purchased through their mobile device, 43% of those within the last month.  However, 67% still prefer to purchase while on their computer.
  6. Among barriers to mobile commerce, respondents reported they don’t feel secure (36%), it’s too complicated (12%), the payment features they wanted were not available (6%), or payment was too complex (6%).

     Mobile and Advertising

  1. 57% of Canadians have performed a search on their mobile after seeing an offline ad (newspaper, television, magazine, etc.).
  2. 64% will only look at the first page of search results when seeking information on their smart phone.
  3. 86% notice mobile ads and coupons .




We are good at what we do ... because our work is our passion!

Isn't it true that where ever you look people are busy using their mobile device?

This huge trend in smart phone sales shows how consumers are changing their way of getting their business information.


Promotional Offer / NOW only *$295 Sale ends July 15th, 2017.








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